SAMC September Monthly Club Breakfast

Granite Rock Grill 5140 Pacific St, Rocklin, CA

On Sunday, Sep 26th member, Kemyatta Harris is organizing a breakfast at 8:00 AM at the Granite Rock Grill located at 5140 Pacific St Rocklin, CA. Granite Rock is famous for their breakfasts’ featuring homemade biscuits and jam. Yummy! We will also post this on our FaceBook page, “Sacramento Area Mustang Car Club” for your …

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October Potluck Club Picnic / BBQ

Rustic Garage à la Radiator Springs 327 West U St, Elverta, CA

Coming in October, member, Shelli Bolsover is organizing our Picnic / BBQ. It will be held in an interesting venue, a Rustic Garage reminiscent of 'Radiator Springs' from the animated movie "CARS". More information will follow, so mark your calendar for this date.

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